The last blog of 2018 and the first on 2019

This blog happens after leaving some of the most worst habits in my life.

My new life resolution of 2019 begins by taking 5 habits in my life.

No Drinks ? & No Smoke?
Quitting these would be the most commonly taken resolution in everybody’s life, but for me I have some valid points for taking this resolution. You can read more on this in my upcoming blogs.

Save Time?
I myself have skipped away from keeping the time in the proper manner. Most of the deadlines was really a starting line for me. From this new year I would take a control over wasting my time over the unwanted stupid stuff.

Control Food ? and Proper Exercise ?.
The fat and obesity that evolved in me from the past one year is really huge and I myself found weird on the same, I am not sure how long I can control my food habit at a single span but I believe that I should control this.

Control Expense ? & Start Savings ?.
As every typical employed Mallu, my wallet will be empty by half of the month and that’s because of the giant reason that I spend a lot on the so called unnecessary stuffs.

Talk less ? , Read more? & and Less mobile ? and Write more.
And that makes the change in this year, A blog a day will make the stress away.

These are the things that I would be trying to follow in this great year ahead. I’m sure that you people would be also taking some resolutions this 2K19. Wish you all the best and ?A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL?

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