Daddy, why did you leave me?

Once upon a time, there was a father who eagerly awaited the arrival of his child. He had dreamed of holding his baby, playing with them, and watching them grow up into a wonderful human being. However, fate had other plans.

The baby was born prematurely on the 21st week and despite the best efforts of the medical team, they could not save the child’s life. The father was shattered, his heart torn into a million pieces. He could not understand why this had happened to him and his family.

Seconds turned into minutes, and minutes turned into hours. The father could not shake off the feeling of emptiness that had taken hold of him since the moment his child was taken away. He found himself constantly asking why this had happened to him and his family. Why was he chosen to bear this burden?

Last night, as he lay in bed, he heard a faint whisper in his ear. It was the voice of his child, who had come to him in a dream. The child asked, “Daddy, why did you leave me?”

The father was taken aback by this question. He had always felt that it was he who had been left behind. He replied, “My dear child, I didn’t leave you. You were taken away from us before we could even get to know you. We wanted you more than anything in this world.”

The child replied, “I know, Daddy. But I still miss you. I wish I could have stayed longer with you.”

The father held back his tears and replied, “I miss you too, my darling. But you will always be a part of me. You will always be in my heart.”

With those words, the dream ended, and the father woke up feeling a sense of peace he had not felt since his child’s passing. He realized that although his child was no longer with him physically, they would always be a part of him. And he would always carry their memory with him, in his heart, forever

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