Donate Blood, Donate Life.

Have you ever donated your Blood? ? If your answer is “NO” ? you should really read this blog.

Whether it may be an ill, operation or a serious accident, every single person would have passed through a requirement for getting blood in some kind of urgent situation. In these scenarios, we search with our friends and relatives to get some blood for the cause. But have you ever thought of another person who is in the same situation? If so I am sure that you might have donated your blood before.

Is donating blood that much essential?

In fact YES! Blood is something that cant be manufactured or replaced by animal blood it is the only thing that has no replacement. Only a human can donate blood to another human. So Blood Donation is the most precious gift that will help another human to survive and its the biggest gift one can give to another. So I think you understand how important it is to donate blood.

What should I do to donate my Blood?

At first, always be ready for donating your blood and have a basic check to know you are fit for donating blood from your nearest medical center.

  1. Establish a connection with the nearest blood bank and give them your contact information.
  2. For donating blood you can just discuss with your friend circle that you are ready to donate your blood, So they or anyone they know have got any requirement you will come to know about the same.
  3. Find a local community in your area, who discuss things related to donating blood. If not create one of your own and add your friends.
  4. Once you have shared the blood, you should take a break of 3 Months to get your hemoglobin count back in the normal state.
  5. You should be healthy, drug-free and free of illness.

What will I get in return by donating my blood. ?

Blood donation not only helps the receiver but helps the donor too. Let me tell you something that I feel by donating my Blood.

  1. A unit of blood contains about 450ml-600ml of blood and a unit can help around 3 people.
  2. Blood donation will check the condition of your blood undergoing various serious tests and helps to understand Cancer, Heart disease, Abnormal bleeding tendencies, unexplained weight loss, HepatitisB, Chronic nephritis, Signs, and symptoms, suggestive of AIDS, Diabetes, Liver diseases, Tuberculosis, Polycythemia, Asthma, Epilepsy, Leprosy, Schizophrenia, Endocrine disorders that may affect you.
  3. Your body gets replaced by new Hemoglobin within no-time around 3 months. And I feel like I have just got a refresh button on the life
  4. You can feel proud about yourself that you stand out from the community who does everything for protecting god but by hurting the people.
  5. You can feel a attachment towards the people around you. Sometimes they would be the one whom you have shared your blood with.
  6. Think yourself. You saved someones life and the hope of someone who is depended on the receiver. You are great isn’t it.

How long does it take for Donating the blood and Does it hurts?

Donating blood doesn’t take much time, It would only require about 15 mins to complete the process. But depending on the time and availability of the devices it may extend to start the process. It’s just a needle ? and as the God’s angels say “it would be just like an ant bite” ?

What’s your choice now ?

Every day can be ended with a regular routine. But if you have donated your blood once I’m sure that you will feel the day much better. And you will donate your blood on the regular routine. Just give a try gifting the most valuable thing in your life. And as it says Sharing is Caring?

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