Alone! The Smoking Uprise

Everything in this world change,

Sometime we might not be the same person when we wake up from a deep sleep. And at that time we might see something that was hidden for us.

We might be covered then but we become Alone.

ALONE is a Short film directed by Abhishek Ponnully and team, the first effort by a bunch of young movie aspirants, who have tried to convey a social message to the viewers on the reality of getting alone due to the amateurish habits.

Vishnu, the only character in the movie represents each one of the youngsters in the society who believes that life is to be addicted to something.

Even without any conversation/ dialogues, the movie expresses the reality of clumsy habits with its background score. And for the same reason, Alone can be taken as a universal story since it has no specified language.


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