A Reuters Course which helps with the everyday news valuations.

Sorry to say that we are forced to stay at home to protect ourselves from getting infected by the deadly Coronavirus, along with the new villain Black Fungus.

But I have a piece of good news to share. Reuters news along with Facebook Journalism Projects presents Reuters Training Course: Introduction to Digital Journalism online course as a blessing which helps us to earn a certificate. This is an online course that not only helps to kill times, It also helps us to gain some betterment knowledge on the so-called Ammavan WhatsApp forwarding also.

Their module on how to identify a news properly and how to deal with a news for its genuvinity is really satisfing and intresteting.

At the End of the course you will receive a certificate like this

As digital media platforms grow more vibrant and popular every year, sound journalism is more important than ever. Now, not only do newsrooms unearth and report news stories, but citizen journalists around the world, aided by ever-expanding digital technologies, are able to present stories via social media platforms and other digital forms. The ways in which people consume news morphs with each passing year.

This is what Reuters describes themself about the course you are looking for I would recommend you all to choose this one to be a better person to understand and evaluate news when you came to know about it.

For registration follow the link below


Happy Learning 😇

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