The Unexpected, sudden fall

As I sit here in the hospital room, my heart is heavy with sorrow and grief. My 25-year-old wife has just gone into premature labor at the 21 weeks, and the doctors have advised us to skip the baby as it has not grown. We got pregnant without any planning or desire. But the little one who unexpectedly entered into our life was giving us new expectations and happiness. We have been married for just 1.5 years, but our dreams of starting a family together seem to have been really big with this little one and we had often acted as a mother and father by adding this little ones presence and making him a witness in our conversations.

From the first day of knowing about the little one, we haven’t believed he would survive as she had consumed the papaya in that particular time. But it was a false belief and the child was seen healthy on each and every scan thereafter. He/she hasn’t done any mischief inside her till this day. So that she got chances to travel with me every loop and corner that we wished to travel. The only thing that we had to be checked was to feed her at the right time and the food should be good. I always told her that the child is having my attitude when it comes to food.

On this dark day of our life 13/03/2023 morning she woke me up talking about some abnormal pains, bleeding and shiverings. We rushed to the hospital, but everything shattered in an instant now.

It is hard to put into words the pain and heartache that I am feeling right now. The thought of losing a child that my wife and I had dreamed about and imagined together is too much to bear. We had so many plans for our future as a family, and it feels like all of those hopes and dreams have been ripped away from us.

The doctors have skipped rescuing the baby as it is so small and they can do nothing to help our baby, the reality is that the chances of survival for the baby are slim. It is hard to imagine leaving this hospital and the upcoming days without our child in our arms, even without ever having the chance to meet or hold the little one.

As we sit here together, my wife and I are trying our best to support each other through this difficult time. We are each other’s rock, and we are determined to make it through this together. But it is hard to see a way forward when our dreams have been shattered in such a profound way.

Although we are both grieving, we know that we have to stay strong for each other. We are trying to hold onto the hope that someday, we will have another chance to start a family together. But it is hard to think about that right now when the pain of this loss is so raw.

As we try to make sense of this tragedy, we are reminded of the fragility of life and the importance of cherishing every moment we have together. We will always carry the memory of the first child we dreamed of in our hearts, and we will never forget the love that we shared for him.

Now all alone, I am waiting for her in front of the labour room, she is inside with the pain of delivery. Waiting to see her come to me after giving the normal birth and leaving back the under grown dream we had to death.

I got my life, job and this position with WordPress and in this all alone situation I have no one better than this to share my feelings.

And in the end, all we can do is hold onto each other and take things one day at a time. We know that our journey is far from over, and we will face many challenges along the way. But we are determined to move forward together, holding onto the hope that someday, we will have the chance to start a family and fulfill the dreams that we shared.

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